Meet The Teachers

Tiffany Komosa: Tiffany's Skin Organics


Tiffany Komosa from Tiffany's Skin Organics: Skincare expert and Soapmaker with 7+ years of experience.

"Hello, my name is Tiffany. I created Tiffany’s Skin Organics because I wanted to share my handmade and organic skincare products with others. I am from the United States and moved to Lund with my Swedish sambo, Henrik, in 2014. Several years back, Henrik and I decided to switch to all organic household cleaning products and body care products. Since making those changes, we have never felt better.

As a gardener and someone who loves to make things by hand, it was not long before I began creating my own recipes for different products. I began experimenting with essential oils, waxes, herbs and butters. As a child, I would spend endless hours in my grandmother's kitchen, watching her and my mother cook together. We would collect fruits and vegetables from the garden and I remember the delight in watching the harvest going from the soil onto our plates.
My mother, a professional chef, taught me at a young age that the ingredients you use need to be of the best quality; not just for taste, but also for nutrition. So when I set out to make my own skincare products, I knew I needed the best natural raw materials that I could find. Our skin, just like our bodies, requires nutrition. Using ingredients from nature and the garden is what I’m passionate about."




Helena, artist from LILLA Makeriet  ( Ceramic )


Helena, ceramics artist from LILLA MAKERIET

"After several years as a civil engineer, I have now replaced the technical course in favor of art. Art has always been a part of me; Now is the time to invest wholeheartedly in it. My background as an engineer also means that I always look for new alternative ways to join the art - paths that lead to new & inspiring works of art.

For many years I have been working on both ceramics, flower binding, sewing and silversmithing. Now being allowed to decorate my own workshop and being able to focus on my art is a dream come true."

Art for me is part of everyday life inspired by desire and imagination. Curious, I like to challenge different materials and their possibilities. Creates expressions that give impressions and leave imprints."