About us

Iloma Studio is a cozy atelier, filled with trendy goods and original art also offering creative workshops. You can simply visit the studio to enjoy looking at art and craft work or partner with us to create your dream art piece for an event, a wedding, restaurant decor or anything you vision! Nested in a beautiful location, Iloma is a freshly started dream. A dream to connect and embrace different craft technique. A dream to create a bright and joyful environment. A dream to share our passion for Arts with all.



My name is Laura T. Schwarz, an impulsive and autodidact craft maker and painter. I am originally from the South of France and currently living in Scandinavia with my husband and our two children. Those who know me would agree on how spontaneous and unsettled I can be!

As I follow life's journey, I am always bringing up new objectives, existence goals, business ideas or projects. Making every day a brainstorming session and continuously exhausting my friends and family! I can never settle to one idea. I secretly envied people with a "straight forward" passion, as my conception of a passion was foggy.

When I came across that famous quote "Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life", it hit me! This is it! But wait... What is my true passion? Not the safe one or the easy one. When I asked myself " What do you love?", my answer was "to make stuff". Pretty vague, right? I just love making stuff. Artistic and visual stuff.

While I was told and encouraged to follow one path, to choose one niche, it became clear to me that I just could NOT pick one! What if I like 100 things? Every day is a new opportunity to do, practice or experience something new. From oil painting to wood decor, from fiber art to lettering, I can't help but love all expression forms of Art.

Following my heart, I decided to found Iloma. A studio where I make and create art pieces based on my moods, feelings, and liking. I will also be pleased to work with you to create your custom dream piece


Tiffany Komosa: Tiffany's Skin Organics 
Tiffany Komosa from Tiffany's Skin Organics: Skincare expert and Soapmaker with 7+ years of experience.

"Hello, my name is Tiffany. I created Tiffany’s Skin Organics because I wanted to share my handmade and organic skincare products with others. I am from the United States and moved to Lund with my Swedish sambo, Henrik, in 2014. Several years back, Henrik and I decided to switch to all organic household cleaning products and body care products.

Since making those changes, we have never felt better. As a gardener and someone who loves to make things by hand, it was not long before I began creating my own recipes for different products.

I began experimenting with essential oils, waxes, herbs and butters. As a child, I would spend endless hours in my grandmother's kitchen, watching her and my mother cook together. We would collect fruits and vegetables from the garden and I remember the delight in watching the harvest going from the soil onto our plates. My mother, a professional chef, taught me at a young age that the ingredients you use need to be of the best quality; not just for taste, but also for nutrition. So when I set out to make my own skincare products, I knew I needed the best natural raw materials that I could find.

Our skin, just like our bodies, requires nutrition. Using ingredients from nature and the garden is what I’m passionate about."

Helena, artist from Lilla Makeriet  ( Ceramic )

Helena, ceramics artist from LILLA MAKERIET

"After several years as a civil engineer, I have now replaced the technical course in favor of art. Art has always been a part of me; Now is the time to invest wholeheartedly in it. My background as an engineer also means that I always look for new alternative ways to join the art - paths that lead to new & inspiring works of art. For many years I have been working on both ceramics, flower binding, sewing and silversmithing. Now being allowed to decorate my own workshop and being able to focus on my art is a dream come true."

Art for me is part of everyday life inspired by desire and imagination. Curious, I like to challenge different materials and their possibilities. Creates expressions that give impressions and leave imprints."